Joomla Support Services

We've been building and supporting Joomla websites for many years, and even use it on our site, and have seen it grow into a fantastic platform for a business website.

We feel it's the best choice for larger sites that need more features out of the box than other Content Management Systems can offer. And with Joomla 4 now out, it has developed into the best CMS, in our opinion!

We offer a full Joomla Support Service including:

Joomla Hosting

Our high specification UK servers enable Joomla sites to run super fast. We manage the entire installation of your website and monitor uptime 24/7. We also ensure your site is optimised to run as fast as possible, helping with SEO and visitor satisfaction.

Daily backups

It's essential your website is backed up regularly, in case something should happen, it's your insurance policy to ensure your site can be restored quickly. All our Joomla-hosted websites are backed up daily and stored remotely.

Extension updates and security

Joomla vulnerabilities are frequently found. Keeping the Joomla's core system updated and any extensions you have installed is essential for the security of your site. The leading cause of Joomla hacks is known software vulnerabilities in outdated extensions.

Template fixes and upgrades

Templates are not as crucial to update as plugins, but they are nonetheless something that should be updated regularly. So long as its developer maintains the template, we can help install updates and test your site to ensure it looks and functions perfectly.

Content management

Do you struggle to find the time to make page updates and post new blogs to your site? Our maintenance experts are on hand to upload your latest news item or help add new pages, products, or whatever other content or images you may need to change on your site.

Design and development

We design & develop Joomla websites every day; our designers and developers can help refresh your existing site or build a brand new one from scratch. Whether it's a design tweak or an entire Joomla website build, we can help.

Do I need a Joomla support plan?

Joomla has a much smaller market share of the website platform market than WordPress. But like any website platform, security vulnerabilities are found from time to time and updates are released. If your website remains on older software, it is more of a target to hackers.

Keeping your Joomla website updated with regular software updates is essential. Our Joomla maintenance packages are ideal, starting from just £49 per month; we'll host your site on our UK servers, back it up daily and ensure Joomla and any extensions are updated multiple times per month.

What if I just want Joomla hosting?

That's no problem; our Managed Joomla hosting offers fantastic speed and performance, real-time Malware and Anti Virus scanning and a purpose built Joomla Web Application Firewall.

Our managed Joomla hosting starts from just £99 per annum and includes:

  • Joomla hosting on our UK servers
  • Daily backups
  • SSL certificate
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring

What if I only need Joomla Support Services, such as adding content and occasional changes?

That's also no problem; our ad-hoc support service is perfect for anyone who needs some help now and then. From fixing problems with templates, updating your store, adding a blog post or installing new features, we can help with any Joomla requirements.

From just £35 per hour, plus VAT, we can fix all types of Joomla issues, get in touch for a quote, and we'll be happy to help when you need us.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

We're so sure you will love our service, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. So what's stopping you?

Give us a call, or send us your first request, and we'll start helping improve your website straight away!