Joomla Website Support

We've been installing, and using, Joomla for many years and have seen it grow into a fantastic platform for a business website. We feel its the best choice for a more serious website that goes beyond your average few pages. The latest version has many benefits:

  • Easy administration back-end to manage changes yourself
  • Manage user restrictions so some users can edit, while others can only view
  • Built to be responsive, even the back-end admin screens work well on most devices
  • A huge number of templates / designs can be downloaded and are easy to update
  • Can be hosted on most popular web hosting packages, and is often just a one click install
  • Version history for your webpage changes
  • Thousands of extensions to enhance your websites functionality
  • A very large global community so help is never far away

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Need a website you can easily edit?

With many years experience with Joomla we can help support your Joomla website in a variety of ways

  • Joomla upgrade services (upgrade Joomla 1.5 to 3)
  • Convert your existing website to Joomla
  • Make updates to your Joomla website content as and when you need
  • Install extensions to enhance your Joomla website
  • Install Joomla templates
  • Build Joomla templates to your requirements
  • Provide Joomla training to your staff