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10 Jul 2013

Fix a hacked website

Its a horrible feeling when your website or email gets hacked, but is unfortunately just a sign of the times and happens to most of us at one time or another. We were contacted recently by a school who's site had been hacked, every time a visitor loaded the website after around 10 seconds it would redirect off to all manner of odd websites.

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We have been really pleased with a few new client enquiries recently, particularly from Parkside Roofing who were looking for some new pages to be added to their Wordpress website.

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We're pleased to be helping a new customer with website updates and general support, Cosaveli. They are a cycling event company raising money for charities by organising amazing cycling events in various European counties for teams or individuals to race, often alongside pro riders.
We were recently contacted by a new customer who had had a website built by another company, unfortunately, not all the work they required had been completed so asked for our help in finishing it off.