10 Jun 2014

New maintenance packages

We're pleased to announce new website maintenance packages giving our customers the security of regular ongoing updates packaged with hosting and backups for low monthly costs.

When we first started out with our website support services we focused mainly on providing an as you need us service, giving customers a flexible approach for help & support when its required. Although our ad-hoc website support will continue we're now also pleased to offer a monthly website maintenance service giving you complete piece of mind that all aspects of your website are being updated, backed-up and kept in good working order.

There are many benefits to having a monthly website maintenance contract:


Content is updated Great for customers to see what you've been up to, a visitor is more likely to contact a company that has recent updates over one that hasn't updated their news or blog in a long time. It also has a huge benefit of Google seeing your website is also fresh and up to date, which is one of the elements that help to rank your website higher in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).
Security updates If your website is running a Content Management System such as Joomla or Wordpress, frequent security updates are released to help ensure the site remains free from potential hackers.
Phone & email support Need to ask a question or something bothering you on your website, we'll be on hand to take your call or answer a support email.
No need for in-house IT We're a fraction of the cost of a full (or even part time) employee.
Managed website hosting We can host most types of websites and the cost is included in your website maintenance proposal.
Website backups Like anything websites can break and hosting equipment can fail, not very often, but when it happens do you have a back-up in order to restore your website? Our website maintenance packages include either monthly, weekly or daily backups depending on your needs so if the worst should happen we will get your site back up and running as quickly as possible.